• What to Wear for Chloe? Baptism Dresses Hunting!

    christening-dressOh my goodness, you simply will not imagine how stressful and hectic stuff has been around here lately. What with life on the whole and planning for Chloe's big Christening day I have not experienced a second to call my own! Now i am currently looking for a pretty little dress for Chloe to put on throughout the service and I'm simply not convinced what type to choose. At the minute, I'm thinking about old-fashioned (I personally don't like that phrase however i mean a design that nanna would've worn when she was Christened) and I particularly like the styles with little bonnets - I believe Chloe would appear so cute wearing that. Naturally, it's going to have to be white. Or cream. Or ivory. I must declare that I like this little sailor suit outfit that would be great for a boy - who knows just what the future brings but I've made a mental note of that...even though Ralph just wants one child. There's plenty of time for this discussion :)

    Small shoes I'm not sure about. On the one hand (or foot!), it will be cute to see Chloe in a very nice pair of satin-y shoes but on the other hand, I might just get an urge to tickle her feet and we both enjoy that :) The search continues on...

  • Very First Posting About Chloe's Christening

    Hello there, I'm Sian and I'm so fired up! My little Chloe gets Christened shortly and I can't wait. It will be her special day and she'll be the centre of attention and she's going to love it. Already she likes everybody fussing over her so if she's the number one girl within the room...she'll be a star.

    I must ensure it is the very best Christening ever and my hubby, Ralph, has agreed we must put together a proper event for Chloe however, you know what men are like, they say this stuff but allow us women to actually do the foot work! But I don't mind - I really like searching to see just what is on the market. I then imagined it could be an idea if I put my researches inside a blog site therefore i did - here! I'll keep it up-to-date with what I've found of course, if there is any suggestions then I'd love you to let me know in case you can point me in the right direction. Christening jewellery is the first thing I'm looking for - something dainty.

    I hope you enjoy and remember...leave a note!



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